About Our Clinic

Our History

We first opened our Shelburne clinic in 2002 in a few rooms in our house. Our practice grew rapidly, outgrowing the space we had allotted it, and soon the full house became devoted to the care of our patients.

Within three short years, a second physiotherapist joined our clinic and in 2006 we added a certified massage therapist to our team.  Massage therapy proved to be a valuable adjunct to physiotherapy.  We soon observed that mutual treatment contributed importantly to the achievement of our client’s goals.  Our experience, subjectively and objectively, has been that frequent professional collaboration among our therapists improves therapy outcomes for our clients. 

To further expand the range of interprofessional perspectives and experience available to our clients, our clinic added an Kinesiologist in 2010 and began offering occupational therapy in 2011. 

Beginning in 2011 we began to collaborate with psychology to enhance our treatment of the whole person.. mind, body and soul. We solidified our relationship with Dr. Shelley Goodwin in 2013 to allow a seamless cooperation between professions.

During the past 12 years it has been the owner's dream to open a fully equipped public gym. This dream was realized in May 2014. Shelburne Physiotherapy moved to a larger facility and opened a public gym.

The main clinic offers 8 physiotherapy treatment beds, 2 massage rooms, whirlpool room along with our conference room.

Our Rooms

Our gym offers commercial grade treadmills, adaptive motion trainer, step mill, rowing machine, recumbant bikes, precor selectorized strength equipment, power rack and free weights to aid in maintaining and optimizing your health.

Lending Library

We have take-home equipment which we lend without charge to our patients.

Workers' Compensation

Shelburne Physiotherapy is an approved Tier 1, 2 clinic for the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia (WCB). If you have suffered an injury at work, the WCB's Direct Access to Physiotherapy program accords you immediate access to assessment by an approved physiotherapist.

The Direct Access to Physiotherapy program is based on the belief that early assessment and treatment of muscle sprains and strains helps to speed healing and hastens return to work. You need not wait until you can get an appointment to see your physician (although you are, of course, free to do so). You can start the process yourself by calling our clinic. Alternatively, you can be referred by your employer or a WBC case worker.

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